District Revitalization


Public Relations Society of America

The Public Relations Society of America’s Midwest District is reemerging and we’d love for leaders from all of the chapters within our District to be involved.

Within the PRSA structure, a district’s key role is to support chapter leaders and assist them in making chapters organizationally effective. The secondary role is to serve as a route for leadership between the chapter and national levels. Strong districts are important elements in chapter success and provide a vital link between the local and national organizations.

Many districts offer professional and leadership development at a regional and local level that complement national programs. These can include district conferences, leadership training, and other programs that help improve organization effectiveness, support the society’s mission and further enhance the value of PRSA membership.

If you are interested in helping shape the district’s future, please let us know.

5 Responses to District Revitalization

  1. Let me know what I can do until January, 2010.

  2. Terri Johnson, APR, ABC says:

    As always, I am ready to help. I have been secretary and I will do what is needed. Let me know. We have a great chapter board and I am sure others would be willing to help.

    • Renee Robinson says:

      Terri – That’s wonderful! We’re trying to schedule a conference call for next week. I will e-mail you to determine your availability to participate.

      Thanks for volunteering!
      Renee Robinson, APR

      P.S. I will fix the link to the Central Illinois chapter’s site.

  3. Terri Johnson, APR, ABC says:

    Please note, the link to Central Illinois chapter is an old one on the blog. Our link is now http://www.centralillinoisprsa.org/


  4. Terri Johnson, APR, ABC says:

    Thanks, Renée. Check also with Liz Kerns: lkerns@ilchamber.org
    I’m available all day Friday. I have classes the other four days, but I have time around them.

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