Strategic Plans: How Do You Approach ‘Em?

August 14, 2013

Our August affinity call, held earlier today, focused on strategic planning for the Chapter. We only had a handful of participants, but the information we exchanged was good stuff.

Some quick takes include

  • Chapter planning horizons varied from one year to three years, depending on the board’s sense of need.
  • The planning process varied significantly. One included members in a town hall brainstorming / feedback session that informed the board’s planning team. Another connected the outgoing board with the incoming board for an exchange of ideas and transition of duties that evolved into the annual plan.
  • Chapters are exploring ways to use technology to involve members in the planning process.
  • Enlisting a professional facilitator to guide a planning session brings a new way of approaching the process and allows all participants to contribute (no one has to focus on taking notes!)
  • The Leadershp Rally at PRSA National offices shed a new and helpful light on the role of Chapter leadership, the importance of volunteers and the value of strategic plans

So, dear readers, how does your Chapter approach strategic planning and what lessons or tips can you give your colleagues?